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I have been lucky in that I have lived over half my adult life within the proverbial stone's throw of Hampstead Heath. I go walking there, most days, and I know 'my' part like the back of my hand; though it must be said, the Heath is so large that that I have rarely penetrated to some of the more distant parts.

This is one of my favourite views - of the heart of London itself, as seen from Parliament Hill, one of the highest points of Hampstead Heath. The tall buildings to the left are Canary Wharf. Then the cluster in the centre is the financial quarter of the City, round the NatWest tower. Then of the two lower buildings to the right, the lower one is St Paul's Cathedral - still a great and proud landmark.

This is the other side of Parliament Hill, looking toward Highgate, in the trees to the left. Here we see one of the traditional Hampstead Heath activities, that is kite-flying, which here we see in progress, with two kites visible in the sky

And here is one of the 'meadows' - the left side newly mown - with the fringes of trees that make Hampstead Heath such a delight.


The ponds

The Barrow

Autumn Glory

Winter wonderland


The rhododendrons at Kenwood

Lauderdale House

Highgate Cemetery

To mow - or not to mow

Information about the Heath (useful telephone numbers)

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