Hampstead Heath

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Autumn Glory

Autumn on the Heath can be magical The splendours of the summer are transformed into flaming colours: autumn 2003 was especially fine.

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This row of magnificent trees presented an especially fine vista.

barrowmidThis is one of our favourite paths at any time of year, with a grassy sward behind us, and the path leading down to the mixed-bathing pond to the right.

But suddenly in the autumn it was transformed with the carpet of golden leafs being matched by the boughs of the tree from which they ad fallen.



barrow nearIn one of the glades on the Heath there was a thick carpet of leaves, and the afternoon sunlight made its way in through the thick canopy of the trees.



There are many ponds on the Heath. This is the Viaduct pond, surrounded by trees. This is the view from the Viaduct laid built in the 19th century, when plans were being made to divide it into housing plots. Fortunately, the proposals for housing were foiled.